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Date Type Description
11/07/04 New added UK Daily mirror page reference (nw)
07/15/03 New Sunfower Seed Rye/Wheat Mix (nw)
05/21/03 New Detmold 3-Stage procedure (nw)
05/13/03 Upgrade Detmold 3-Stage starter/dough calculator (nw) - added starter amount selection & a couple of factors
03/04/03 New Detmold 3-Stage starter/dough calculator (nw)
01/12/03 Upgrade Sourdoughdefinition (new window) with Microbiology and growth curve, started with Glossary (nw) and Reference (nw)
01/08/03 New Wasteful Starter Recipe (new window)
12/16/02 Upgrade Add Pumpernickel reference (new window)
08/29/02 New Add Doping Starter page (new window)
08/06/02 New Add No-Mind White Bread page (new window)
07/06/02 Upgrade Added/changed wording in SD packages pictures page (new window), added reference to SD definition page
06/13/02 New Add Bread recycling page (new window)
05/02/02 New Add flour moisture (new window), rye baking test results (new window), rye baking tests (new window) and test dispatch (new window) pages
04/28/02 Fix SDcalc04 (new window) support script had a bug giving "Server Error" after just hanging for a long time.
04/20/02 New Make sampe r.f.s recipe FAQ (new window) pages with originator references since original web-site did not show it later he changed it and main page is now auto-forwarding to the original web site.
04/14/02 Upgrade Added another 70 % detail with top view to Hydration 01 crumb pictures
04/07/02 Fix Permissions on this page were wrong, nobody could read it up to now @$%@#$%@#$!!!! - fixed
04/06/02 Fix SDcalc04 (new window) was missing on the server @$%@#$%@#!!! - fixed
04/04/02 Upgrade Baby Rye Starter CQA (new window) under "Starter - Poisonous?", add translacted excerpt from Spicher's SD Manual about "precarious germs" with links to Staphylococcus aureaus, enterotoxins and my at my book review at book page.
03/31/02 Upgrade SDcalc04 (new window) - Sourdough calculator, upgrade from version 3 to version 4 - added two options and put parameter table in separate page as "Cheat Sheet" (new window).
03/26/02 New

Add Hydration Test 1 (new window) - compare 3 hydrations with l lbs white flour loaves and Carl's starter.

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