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My parameters are:
Bread type Hydration Starter % Fermenting time
White flour 60 % 20 % 2 - 8 hours
Holey white 70 % 20 % 2 - 8 hours
Full grain w/rye 68 % 40 % 1 - 6 hours*
Pumpernickel 72 % 10 % 3 hours*
(with 100 % starter hydration and starter % of total dough
- option "Starter % of total dough")

* - experimental
The above parameters with the starter % relating to total dough work well for me. But I have to point out that I am at 5000 feet above sea level and rising may differ from other altitudes.

However, it came up when comparing hydrations with the same parameters in a recent baking event, the the previous version of the SDcalc would not allow me to have the same starter flour contents with different hydrations. It was always off by 10 gram or so. This is not very serious at the level I am playing with this, but it was bugging me.

Joe U. pointed out that I am inconsequent with mixing the baker's % with other % numbers on the previous version, a fact which did not bother me since it had no bearing on functionality - but he has a point.

I think the most accurate method is to relate the flour contents of the starter to the flour contents of the final dough which is the option "Starter flour as baker's %" in the new pulldown list. The reasons for this go beyond the scope of this cheat-sheet.

Nevertheless, now I have made three options to calculate the starter relation to the dough:

  • Starter % of total dough - simplest: I have a starter, how much dough can I make from it? - Or: I want X gram/oz/lbs/kg/tons of dough, how much starter do I need to grow for this?
  • Starter as baker's % - for purists.
  • Starter flour as baker's % - if you want to dig into the nitti-gritti, or are professional bakers doing it that way?

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