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Sourdough Starter
# From David Adams (

        This recipe was given to me by a neighbor lady.

                SOURDOUGH STARTER

        2 C milk - put in glass or ceramic bowl (not metal) and 
        set stand uncovered in warm place for 24 hours.  Stir in 
        2 C sifted flour and allow to stand 2 days until bubbles and
        gets sour smell.  Store in fridge in quart size jar or crock
        with looose cover.  (If cover is too tight CO2 may cause
        explosion.)  If liquid rises to top give it a stir.  Starter
        gets better with age.  Use it every 10 days or so and when 
        you take some out add 1 C flour and 1 C water, set in warm
        place for 24 hrs. (or more) then cover loosely and refrig.

        If don't use it activate it every couple of weeks by throwing
        out all but 1 C starter and adding equal amounts of flour
        and water.  Try to keep 2 C. on hand.  Let warm (take out over
        night) before using.