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David's Sourdough White Bread
# From David Adams (

                David's Sourdough White Bread:

        I made sourdough bread on the last campout too.  It came out
        the most like french bread of any loaf I ever made.  

        I used:

        1 1/2 to 2 cups sourdough culture.  (I used the Alaskan, my vote
                for the best camping culture.)

        1 tsp salt.
        1 cup water.

        Just enough quality bread flour to make a nice dough.  Not too
        dry.  (maybe 2 cups?)

        Knead until you drop dead. (Long time)  Try to see if you can
        stretch the dough papery thin without ripping.  If you can come
        close you are done.  I have a large bread board I take camping
        that I used for kneading.

        Shape the loaf into a rounded disk (it helps to grease your hands
        to do this) and set in a greased 12" Dutch oven.  Put the lid on.
        Set the Dutch oven in the sun if it is too cool.  Keep an eye on
        it and move it back to the shade if it is getting hot. etc.

        After about 2 hours of rising I begin to cook.  It helps to 
        get experience cooking with charcol briquetts before you try 
        to use the open fire.  I used hot wood coals from the fire.  It 
        helps if the wood was hard wood like oak.  I cook the bread
        for about 1 hour.  When using briquettes I use about 7-8 on 
        the bottom (for a 12" oven) and 14-16 on the top.  With a 
        wood fire I try to use a similar amount of coals.  Open the 
        oven often during the cooking process to check on the progress.
        Be ware that the top may look great while the bottom is burning
        charcol black!  Better to have too little heat on the bottom
        than too much!