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Sourdough Rye Bread (from Finland)
# From: Seismo Malm 

I have been reading sourdough archives now for a couple of days.
I hadn't realiced that you can make sourdough bread from wheat too.
We here in Finland make sourdough only from rye. Finnish rye sourdough
bread is somewhat more sour than russian and baked for a longer
period. In some parts of Finland they make sweetish sourdough bread

I have been baking sourdough bread now for about 15 years and I have
always used the same recipe that my grandma used. My grandma was
partially paralysed for her last 25 years, so the original culture was
lost, but I have generated sourdough cultures from skimmed milk+rye
flour mixture (There is always lactobasilli in flour) and from viili
(a Finnish soured milk product)

Generally cultures from viili make a very active and very sour
cultures and they start making good bread in about month. Skimmed milk
+ rye flour cultures produce milder flavour but they have taken about
half a year to produce cood bread.

Sourdough bread from wheat was quite nice and I plan to make it 
regularly, perhaps every two weeks or something like that.

If you are interested about soured milk products, I could send you
a culture for it. It is more firmer than youghurt and not as sour.
Especially kids like it.

    There is my receipe for sourdough rye bread.

    100 g sourdough starter

    2     liter water


          rye flour


    1. Mix starter and lukewarm water. Add rye flour until it can

       support a wooden spoon upright for a some time.

    2. Add little flour every 12 hours.

    3. I sour it for about 3 days. It foams very much, but the level

       of foaming is subsiding at this point.

    4. I freece 2/3 of the dough for later use.
    5. Add flour until dough is easy to form.I add the salt at this 

       point too. I use 2 teespoonfuls for 1/3 of dough.
    6. Knead.

    7. Form the dough into a bread shape.
    8. Let rise until the size is about double.

    9. Bake until done. I use about 200 C for about 2 hours.

My proofing temperature is quite low so this is reason for a long time.
Besides, I like very sour sourdough myself. Added bonus is that the
bread will keep for a long time.