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Sourdough French Bread
#  From (Lynn Alford)

To make a tangy sourdough bread, you have to let it sit for a long time.
When I made some sourdough French bread, a couple of weeks ago, I
started the dough early in the morning, adding most of the flour and all
the water it was going to need.  By the time it went into the oven, it
was pleasantly tangy.  If I had wanted even more flavour, I would have
started it the night before.  The longer it sits, the more flavor it
will gain.
Sourdough French Bread  (adapted from the Sourdough Jack's Cookbook)
1 cup sourdough starter         2 t sugar
1 1/2 c warm water              2 t salt
1 package yeast                 1/2 t soda
4 c flour                       2 c flour (for kneading)
If you are going to start this bread the evening before or early in the
morning, you won't need the extra yeast.  If you start it 3 hours before
dinner, you will need it.  Put the starter, water, and flour in a bowl.
Put this in a warm place and ignore it for the rest of the day.  By
evening, it should have doubled and smell like your starter again.  Mix
the sugar, salt, soda and 1 cup of flour together.  Sprinkle them over
the dough, and mix well.  Turn the dough out onto your bread board and
knead it, using the remaining flour.
Shape loaves and place them on lightly greased cookie sheets.  Let rise
until doubled in bulk, slash tops of loaves, brush them with water or a
well-beaten egg, and place in 400 F oven.  (A pan of water on lower
shelf of the oven can help make a crispy crust.)  Bake until medium dark