Sourdough FAQ Recipes
Sheepherders' Bread
#  From: Jerry Pelikan 
#  Subject:      Sheepherder Bread

Last week someone was asking for the recipe for several breads,
including Sheepherder's Bread.  As I can't seem to get into the ftp, I
don't know if it's there.  It happens to be my favorite recipe for pizza
crust.  It go like this:

1 1/2 cup starter    ( I use water/flour starter)
2     tablespoons melted shortning  (or butter ot margerine)
1     teaspoon salt   (or less)
1/4   Teaspoon baking soda    (mixed with the salt to eliminate lumps)
2     Tablespoons sugar
4     Cups flour (give or take)

Mix ingredients.   Form into 2 small loaves (or 2 pizza crusts).
Let rise.  Bake in 375 Degree F oven until done.  (Why is there no ASCII
character for Degrees?)