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David's Most Excelent Sourdough Pizza Crust
# From David Adams  (

                David's Most Excelent Sourdough Pizza Crust:

                2 C sourdough culture  (I used the Alaskan again.)
                1 t salt.
                2 C Bread flour.

        You might need more flour or less depending on the consistency.
        You want a good kneading consistency.  You can let this get just
        a little thicker than regular bread dough to help the special
        shaping you will knead to do.

        Mix and knead the dough well.  Knead about 600 strokes.  Then
        grease the bowl and return the dough to it and let it rise for
        a couple hours.  When it has risen well, gently press it down,
        and fold it gently but repeatedly to mix the dough and to push 
        or move the yeast cells onto new and fresh pastures.
        Seperate the dough into about 3 balls.  (Depending on the size of
        your pizza pans etc.)   From here treat it like you do your
        favorite pizza crust.  If you use cornmeal go ahead, etc.

        I just grease the pans, and then press the dough flat with my
        hands until I get a good uniform covering of the pan.  

        I bake these for about 10 - 15 min in 350 - 400 deg. F. oven
        until they just begin to show any hint of browning.  Then I
        remove them and add spiced tomato sauce, peppers, onions, 
        mushrooms, cheeses and etc.  Then I return these to the oven
        until the cheese it melted.

 --David C. Adams  Statistician  Cray Research Inc.
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