Sourdough FAQ Recipes
# From: (douglas.w.monroe)


        1C starter dough
        2C self rising flour
        4t oil
        1/2C warm water
        1pkg yeast

Dissolve yeast in warm (110\(de) water, lett proof. Add oil, flour
and sour dough, knead and let raise till doubled in oiled bowl.
Punch down and form into rolls. Let rise 23-30min. Bake at 350\(de

602--   Cinnamon Buns:                                                    602

        1 1/2C starter dough
        3C self rising flour
        4T oil
        1/2C warm water (110\(de)
        1pkg yeast
        1 egg

Dissolve yeast, add remaining ingredients. Let rise 1 hour covered.
Knead dough well adding enough flour to keep from sticking. Let
rise until doubled in a  covered, oiled bowl. Roll on floured board
to 1/2 inch thickness. Spread with: 1/2C melted butter and sprinkle
with 2t cinnamon & 1/2C sugar.  Roll like jelly roll. Pour prepared
syrup on parchment paper in a 9x13 pan- melt 1C brown sugar, 3T
water and 1/4C butter. Sprinkle syrup with chopped nuts. Cut the roll 
evenly, brush bottoms with melted butter & place on top of syrup and 
nuts. Let rise until doubled- about 45 min. to 1hr. Bake at 375\(de 
for 20min. When finished, immediately turn over to let syrup cover
buns. Serve hot.