Sourdough FAQ Recipes
Doug's Pancake Recipe
#  From "Douglas Reindl"  
#  who graduated and isn't at that address anymore.

Here is a sourdough pancake recipe.  If you
like pancakes, you will love sourdough pancakes.
I like them the best with real maple syrup
(my brother makes the syrup).
                   Doug's Pancakes
2 1/4  Cups of your favorite proofed sourdough
1 1/2  Cups of flour
1      Tbsp of sugar
1      pinch of salt
1/2    Tsp of baking soda
1      Tbsp of baking powder
3/4    Cup of milk
3      Large eggs
1/4    Cup of melted butter
1.)  Mix the eggs and milk together thoroughly
2.)  Then combine with the dry ingredients
3.)  Slowly mix in the butter.
4.)  Cook pancakes over a med to med-hi fire
5.)  For thicker pancakes decrease milk and increase flour
     For thinner pancakes increase milk and decrease flour
         (it doesn't take much so be careful)