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Sourdough Waffles
# From David Adams  (

                        Sourdough Waffles

                (An adaptation of Doug Reindl's pancake recipe.)

        2 1/4  Cups of your favorite proofed sourdough
        2  Cups of flour
        1      Tbsp of sugar
        1      pinch of salt
        1/2    Tsp of baking soda
        1      Tbsp of baking powder
        3/4    Cup of milk
        3      Large eggs
        1/2-3/4    Cup of melted butter


        1.)  Mix the eggs and milk together thoroughly

        2.)  Then combine with the dry ingredients

        3.)  Slowly mix in the butter.

        4.)  Laddle onto waffle iron and cook.  Watch carefully.  
                My sense of smell is the biggest indicator that
                they are done.  I can start to smell the oil burn
                slightly.  Then I flip the iron or open it and 
                remove the waffles.

        For a fancier waffle use 4 eggs and seperate the yolk from
        the whites.  If you do not have a copper bowl to whip them
        in then add about 1/4 t cream of tartar.  

        1a.)  Mix milk with dry ingredients
        2a.)  Slowly mix in the butter.

        3a.)   Whip the eggs until they will hold a peak and then 
                gently fold the egg white mixture into the batter.

        4a.)  Procede with step 4 above.