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Sourdough Utah Scones
# From  (David Adams)

        It became aparent after some discussion in the group that
        the word "scone" was used quite differently in Utah than
        in other places.  There it is a deep fried bread dough, 
        elsewhere it apears to be a (griddle fried?) biscuit.

                So how's this as a recipe for:


        Next time you make white bread, like with the "world bread"
        recipe, save some of the dough out.  Tear off little pieces
        and either flaten them out or roll and cut shapes or roll
        into little balls, or shape them like animals, let them 
        rise for a little while and them drop them a few at a time
        in the hot oil like you would for fritters.  Drain them on
        a paper towl and serve either by rolling in powdered sugar
        or by spreading butter and honey.  (I like them plain
        with no sugar, butter, or honey.)

From: "Sharen Rund" 

        Reply to:   RE>fried bread dough

I know a restaurant that shapes the dough to look like breadsticks - when its
golden brown, quickly removes it from the oil and rolls it in a combination of
granualted garlic and parmesean cheese - delicious