Sourdough FAQ Recipes
Miners' Muffins
# From David Adams (

        Here are some recipes I picked up from a short chapter on sourdough
        in a Dutch oven cook book I picked up at the scout trading post
        at camp.  "Dutch Oven Cooking", 2nd ed. John G. Ragsdale, Lone 
        Star Books, Houston, Texas, 1973.  ISBN 0-88415-224-3.  Note, this
        is not the same Dutch oven book I usually quote from, which book
        has the same title.

                        Miners' Muffins

                1 C sourdough culture           1 egg
                2 C flour                       2 T oil
                2 C milk                        1 t baking powder
                1/2 C sugar                     1/2 t salt

        Mix all ingredients.  Cook in muffin tins or cupcake holders.
        30 min.

        (The book is scarce on temperatures.  I suppose the assumption
        is that the Dutch oven cook goes by feel and experience any way.)

        You can try greasing the cupcake paper lightly to keep dough from
        sticking.  12-15 muffins