Sourdough FAQ Recipes
Raspberry/Cream Cheese Sourdough Cake
# From: Lawrence Allen Hite 

Here's a recipe for a coffee cake that I sort of dreamed up.  The
times are variable to your starter and technique...

Raspberry/Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Mix the following together to form a smooth dough:
  2 C. starter
  3/4 C. milk
  2 Tbs. vegetable oil
  1 tsp. salt
  1/2 C. sugar
  1 beaten egg
  3-1/2 C. bread flour

Let this rise until doubled in bulk (It took about 4 hours for my culture).
Knead this for 5 to 10 minutes, then split into two balls.  Roll each out
into a rectangle about 12 X 16 inches.  Mix together 8 oz. softened cream
cheese and 4 Tbs. sugar and beat until fluffy.  Spread half of this on each
rectangle.  Spread 4-5 Tbs. raspberry jam (or you can substitute your
favorite flavor or omit entirely if you like) over cream cheese layer.  Now
either leave flat as is or fold over and make slits in the top surface to
expose the filling and let the dough rise a couple of hours.  Bake at 375F
for about 25 minutes.