Double Baked Bread
43 % of the flour used were baked before
With a 5 month old starter in the fridge and 8 month old remnants of a failed experiment in the freezer I found it's time to use it up. Details are below, and - here is the plain jumpy AllPic page.
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About 9 1/2 month ago, I thought I knew it all and made 10 lbs of dough from a starter split in half and one part grown regular, the other half with 200 % hydration and kept cool. The resulting bread had some metallic taste which I did not like. Luckily, I baked only 1/2 of the dough, when I discovered the problem.

As a result, I had 5 lbs of bread, which I cut in cubes, dried it in my food dehydrator, ran it through the blender and the grain mill. The result was a fine flour from already baked bread. I am keeping it in the freezer.

I used 742 g of this baked bread flour. I still have more as well as newer material from my rye baking tests.

The other 5 lbs of dough, I cut in 1/2 lb pieces, put it in the freezer and used it once and a while as an additon when making bread. From that frozen dough, I had 594 g left. For this portion, I added 2 % water ( with baker's percentage it's 71g).

That failed dough was with 70 % full grain rye and 30 % full grain spelt with 68 % hydration and 2 % salt. I had to consider the water in the frozen dough and the salt in the baked bread flour.

From my baby rye starter, about 5 1/2 month ago, I had 300 g starter sitting in the fridge which I fed with doubling to 600 g, then added another 200 g water and 200 g flour (all rye) to grow 1000 g rye starter.

With my sourdough calculator (in new window), I calculated 25 % starter % of total dough, 69 % hydration, starter hydration 100 % and 1.8 % salt gave me a total weight of 4000 g.

I figured that I would need maybe 50 % of bread flour to get some decent rise and used 1100 g King Arthur "Better for Bread" flour for that.

After mixing (in two batches) - I added another 1 % water (22 g) because I felt, that the dough could use it. I rose it for 2 hours with a punch down after 1 hour.

I should have let the dough rest longer after shaping but it was late, so I made it quick. The baking temperature was 550 F for 10 minutes, then 425 F with 2 bowls of water boiling all the time for steam.

The crust is a little bit dense but very elastic - the thumb impression on the crumb picture is barely visible. The crumb is moist and the taste is excellent - exactly what one would get in a German bakery as "Mischbrot".
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