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1-stage sourdough with leftover pumpernickel bread
(calculated for 10 kg total grain meal quantity)
50 % fine rye meal
50 % medium rye meal

Sourdough starter: 0.05 kg Starter inoculation Hydration 100 % (approx.)
0.50 kg Medium rye meal Dough temperature: 28-30 °C (84-86F)
0.50 l Water Standing time: 15-20 hours

1.05 kg Sourdough starter

Use existing starter or make new following above recipe.
Pumpernickel 1.00 kg Leftover Pumpernickel bread
leftover bread: 3.00 l Water temperature: 30-40 °C (86-104F) Soaking time: 4-6 hours
4.00 kg

Bread dough: 1.00 kg Sourdough starter
4.00 kg Leftover Pumpernickel bread
4.50 kg Medium rye meal Kneading:
5.00 kg Fine rye meal Lifting kneader:15-20 minutes slow
3.50 l Water (approx.) Spiral kneader:15 minutes slow
0.10 kg Salt Hydration: 70 % (approx.)
0.10 kg Yeast Dough temperature: 28-30 °C (84-86F)

  18.20 kg Bread dough Resting time: 30-45 Minutes


After resting time, reknead the dough briefly and put it in double-walled baking boxes. After fermentation, fill water into the baking boxes and put in oven. During baking often refill water to keep up baking humidity.

Bakingtemperature: 160 °C (320F), dropping to 120 °C (248F)
Bakingtime: 20-24 hours